Heart Outline
  • To create a network of people who have experienced trauma or live day to day with mental illness and their supporters as well.

  • To be there when someone needs a listening ear without judgment.

  • To share stories and not be ashamed of what we went through and what made us who we are today.

  • To motivate others so they never give up. 

  • To support each other and push each other to be the very best we can be. 

  • To learn new ways to cope with pain and/or illness. 

  • To help raise funds and donate to organizations so they can continue to help others.


 All information contained in this site is strictly for reading and inspirational purposes at this time.  Hopefully in the future we can   provide a licensed professional that does have the ability to provide online counseling services.  We can only tell our stories at this   time and support others in their time of need. 

Currently there are four types of establishments that are very important to me and with your help I am able to make donations to help support them so they can continue to support those in need.  

1) Domestic Violence Awareness 75% of sales profit from #DVA Fundraiser notated items are donated.

2) Suicide Prevention 75% of sales profit from #Choose2Live Fundraiser notated items are donated. 

3) Cancer Treatment 75% of sales profit from #TeamJill notated items are donated.  

4) Doberman Pinscher Rescue 75% of sales profit from #VonBaronFund notated items are donated. 

About Me...


Thanks for checking my page out!  I wanted to explain in my own words exactly what my intentions were with this project because its very complex and gets the wrong impression a lot.   When most people see the Boom Boom Room they usually see a really cool over the top home bar or "miniature night club" as my friend Jill called it.  It most definitely is a miniature nightclub and my favorite room in the house.  There is also a story embedded in the walls of the Boom Boom Room.  There's a lot of symbolism and things that are camouflaged to most people.  Other than myself, there is probably only one other person that could "decode" the room.  Day in and day out I released my pain into that room.  He called it my "suicide room" once.  I've been asked why I would want something so large in my home to remind me of a difficult time.  The Boom Boom Room reminds me everyday I have strength to conquer anything I set my mind too.  It reminds me to never let negative things have so much impact and to focus on the positive things when they do.  Most importantly, it gave me a story to share with someone that may need a little inspiration to get through another day, a platform to reach out to others and resources if professional help is needed.  A good friend once told me...




                                                                         I won't let you down. 

 I dedicate this to six very important people.  My cousin, Trinity Sledge who lost her life  in a Murder Suicide.  My good friend Mary Weddington... In Memory of her daughter Lexi Weddington (Suicide Victim),  My Grandmother now Guardian Angel, Birdie Richardson who guided me through the hardest period in my life safely, Jill Perry, my friend of 28 years who lost her battle with cancer; the kindest soul I've ever met.  Last but not least my favorite sidekick,  Aysia Von Dixie.  She's been my emotional support, my ride or die, my best friend and I don't know what I would do without her.  Special thanks to my VIPS also for  checking on the strong one when he wasn't strong at all. 





Trinity Sledge


Birdie Richardson


Mary Weddington

Aysia Von Dixie

Jill Perry